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to engage your idle users?

Hengam learns about users, engages the inactive ones, reduces churn rate, and saves time and budget; all through automated messaging based on users’ characteristics and their interaction with your app.

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Crucial Insights

Dashboards that help you get ideas with taking one look

The better you know your users’ personas and the differences between those who stay with you and those who leave, the easier it will be for you to come up with messages and campaigns that might come to their interest.

Churn Predictions and Analytics
With Hengam’s managerial dashboard, get data and daily insights on your users, prevent churns with predictions, and increase engagement with your users.
Personas and Characteristics
An intelligent engine that learns about your users’ characteristics, their persona groups, and what might seem intriguing to them.
Use Hengam’s data to benchmark against other apps in your industry, see where you stand against competitors, and in what ways you can do better.
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Crucial Insights
User Engagement
Engagement Icon User Engagement

The right message sent at the right time, without human intervention

Hengam user engagement platform communicates with the users without overwhelming them. It only requires your help in creating the best message copy for your different persona groups.

Smart Segmentation
Hengam monitors and segments users based on their behavior within your app. You can take these segmentations to your advantage and approach each segment accordingly.
Automated Messages
We know how hard it is to manually message users with the copy and at the time that fits their characteristics. Hengam takes care of it with machine learning.
Constant Monitoring
Nothing is forever. Hengam constantly monitors everything and lets you know if messages are performing lower than expected so that they can be paused or replaced.
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What You Can Achieve With Hengam?

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Keep your team small, but powerful

You don’t need to have engagement specialists, senior marketers, or data scientists in your team. Hengam comes to your help.

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Focus on your growth

Focus on making your app cooler than it already is, and we will make sure your users know about what you offer.

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Reduce churn and marketing costs, consequently

We may not be perfect, but we believe in the 80/20 rule: Accomplish 80% of your goal with 20% of what other tools cost.

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Get ideas for your next steps

Access industry statistics and yours, compare your numbers to those and see how you are doing, and get smart recommendations to get closer to your goals.

How it works?

Connect your app

Follow the Quick Start guide to add our SDK to your app in minutes, then, Hengam collects information and becomes able to send out messages.

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Start learning about your users
You will be provided with data about what are the characteristics of those who are at the risk of churning and predictions to take action before it’s too late.
Write the messages you want to deliver
Create notifications on your panel that use exciting imagery, engaging messages, and relevant action buttons that Hengam can send to your users. You’ll receive suggestions as we learn more about them.
Start Re-engaging
Watch the churn drop as we constantly build your user’s personas and your personalized messages go out at the right time for each user, based on their risk of churn and interests.
How Hengam Works
Saving Users

Saving users with Hengam